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Are you aged 14 – 23 years and have a hobby, play a sport or go to the gym, help others and can walk or cycle up a few hills or paddle a canoe and camp overnight and fancy a new challenge then the Duke of Edinburgh's Award is for you and a bit of extra effort will gain you a Diamond or Platinum Chief Scout's Award and the ultimate goal of the Queen's Scout Award.

There are 3 Awards Bronze, Silver & Gold

Bronze and Silver have 4 Sections each & Gold 5

VOLUNTEERING - anything from fund raising for a charity, lifesaving or helping with a Scout Group Section.
Some of the choices require training but all involve practical service

PHYSICAL - any of over 60 sports and other physical activities. You don't need to be super fit to complete this section!

SKILL - over 200 choices of hobbies and interests. Improve at something you are already involved with or, even better, start a new activity

EXPEDITION - Plan a route as a team, perhaps locally for Bronze, in the White Peak for Silver and in more remote parts of the UK or overseas for Gold.
Prepare route plans and menues etc. Travel on foot, cycle, on water or on a horse and report back on the venture.

RESIDENTIAL (GOLD ONLY) - take part in a 5 day activity away from home and make new friends

How do you start an Award?

You or your Leader will need to purchase a Record Book from the County Resource Centre.

You will be given a Registration form which should be completed and returned to the County D of E Adviser whose address is on the form.

When the Record Book is issued please write the reference number (from the plastic card) and the issue date in the book

Your Unit will also need a Handbook also available from the County Resource Centre

Since 2002 the D of E Awards have been an integral part of the Explorer Scout/Network Training Awards

Chief Scout’s Platinum Award - Bronze                              Chief Scout’s Diamond Award - Silver

Queen’s Scout Award - Gold

Full details of the Scout Awards and DofE Award are on the websites

How will gaining an Award be of benefit to you?

  • new challenge/chance to try something different
  • gives a sense of achievement
  • shows you can be commited in what you do
  • helps towards gaining an award in the Explorer Scout/Scout Network training programme
  • can be included in your Record of Achievement & CV and may help you to get an interview when in competition with others

What are the starting/completion ages?

14 yrs (but can be 13.5 yrs if already an Explorer) 14.5 yrs
15 yrs 15.5 yrs (16 yrs DIRECT ENTRY)
16 yrs 17 yrs (17.5 yrs DIRECT ENTRY)

Where can you do the D of E Award?

Through Licensed Organisations:

  • The Scout Association
  • The Guide Association
  • Other uniformed Youth Organisations
  • Youth Clubs
  • Schools
  • Open Award Groups

Each of these Operating Authorities has a license which may have particular conditions for each organisation.

To register with the Scout Association you must be a member of the Movement however once you are registered you can undertake parts of the Awards through any other Operating Authority provided you let your Unit Leader know you are doing this. So you might choose to do a Skill & Physical through your school and your Volunteering & Expedition through Scouting.

Who can instruct/assess?

  • School: After school clubs - teachers
  • Clubs/Associations: Chairperson/Secretary/Coach
  • Scouting: Leaders from Unit/Group/District/County with appropriate experience/qualifications