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Rufford Explorers Big Game Run - July 2009

with Robin HoodOn Friday 10th July 2009 at Robin Hood Campsite in Mansfield at 9pm Big Game Live 2009 was officially opened the Organisers gave the teams a briefing about what we were going to do and then we started to do evening activities. This was a sheet with lots of different activities on there some of these activities was burn 10 matches for as long as possible to Getting the whole group thought a piece of paper. We spent about 1 hour doing all these different activities then we had supper and went to bed because we had a long day ahead of us.

Saturday 11th July 2009
8am we had to be in the main hall for breakfast as the first team that was going to be going into Nottingham was leaving the campsite at 8.30am. The first set of teams went on the mini bus to Hucknall tram station where each team was setting off in 10 minutes intervals from each other. As we was 2nd to last team from setting off, we stayed at the campsite as discussed as a group a plan for the day. We all decided that we would go to the information centre and get as much information from them as we could, and the places that we defiantly wanted to go to. We was then shipped off to Hucknall tram station and we started the Nottingham Big Game run at 10:05 we had 8 hours to visit as many places as we could in this short time. The first place we went to was the information centre and goes a load of information from the ladies behind the desk some of the information we got was bust routes and time tables and tram time table and routes. We visited lots of different places some of these places was: Nottingham Castles, Nottingham Climbing Centre, Scout Charity shop, Homle Periarpoint and lots of others (find a map of our route on The Big Game Website.) after the 8 hours was up we had to be back at Hucknall tram station to make our way back to campsite. We got back to campsite and all the teams was back playing on the bouncy castle and playing in the sumo suits these were very fun. Until the rain came and spoilt all the fun so the remainder of this evening we as bugging the leaders to see if we could play with one of the prizes which was the Nottingham Big Game board but they just said NO! At 11pm we when to bed for another early start on Sunday.

Sunday 12th July 2009
We got up early again for breakfast and then at 9am we had the results read out to us. Rufford Explorers was told on the way back on the Saturday that we didn't do very well so we went into this results presentation not expecting to win or even get into the top 4. When Ian was reading down the results and our groups name was not being read out the smiles on our faces was getting bigger and bigger and when he said that we had won we could not believe it all the running around Nottingham and not stopping to have lunch or even the toilet was worth it we won the Nottingham Big Game live 2009.
(full results and more photos on The Big Game Website - Ed)

Would like to Thank all the organisers and sponsors for all there support for the Nottingham Big Game live 2009 and I look forward to next years event!!!

Reported By Graham
Rufford Explorers