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What on earth has Ian just said to his explorers?

Just look at those expressions... what do you think Ian has just said?  Thanks to Steve for the photo!

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What did Ian say?

Entries so far....

Ian: "Is 'Do you want to go to Macdonald's on the way home?' too difficult a question?" - Steve

"If he wants volunteers again, can we all fit under this blanket?" - Joyce

Ian: "No, I'm sorry, Jane - surprisingly, I don't have any Superglue release agent with me today." - Colyn

If he asks me one more time where my necker is, I'm going to scream! - Carmel

The other gnomes will be here soon!!!!! - Malcolm

"Quick Hide! Mr Cree has got his camera out!" - Ian

"Who's dressing gown is that?" - Jonathan C

"aren't we a little obvious, hiding with this cub pack" - Antony M (Leysbrooke ESU) AKA Chef

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