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District Cooking Competition July 2007

Eat your heart out Jamie Oliver

Cooking CompetitionThe Mansfield and District cooking competition at Larch Farm HQ went smoothly for the Rufford Explorers. Not only did they go home smelling of the luxury welsh cakes that melted the judges hearts. But they also went home smelling of success and victory. 'The whole day was great' exclaimed Katie, who took part in the competition.

Organised by Mansfield Scout Fellowship, each group was assessed on hygiene, safety, taste and time keeping. The competition started at 9:30, in which all groups had to set up their cooking area and cook a three course meal in order to show it at 12:05. The food was then tasted by judges and assessed. Every now and again somebody would come to our cooking area and ask us questions about what we were doing and the organisation of the group, each member of staff left the area with a smile on their face. 'It's all just a case of convincing them that we're on top of things.' We all helped each other to get the food done on time. Although, however much as we tried, we were still last to be examined, in which time the food was cold, but the judges still loved it. smile

At the end, trophies were given out to Rufford Explorers who came first in the Explorer competition and Woodhouse Scouts who won the Scout competition Over all, I really enjoyed the experience, and it was worth getting up early for. And we all still managed to get home in time to watch the end of the Grand Prix.

Emily G
Rufford Explorers