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Mansfield and District Explorers in France - August 2008

This year the MADE decided to take there summer camp to France, PGL Les Tamaris to spend the week doing water sports on the Mediterranean coast and in near by lakes. smile

Monday 4th August
on the ferryWe all arrive at Oak Tree Tesco at around 7.30 as the coach arrived at 7.45. We put all of our luggage on the bus and lined up in front of the coach for a picture before we left. After our picture we got on the coach we headed to West Bromwich to go and collect the young fire fighters. At the fire station some of us with weak bladders went to the toilet before we headed to Oxford to change drivers. At Oxford we got a few snacks and drinks and met our new drivers, Matt and Patrick, who put on a DVD, Dumb and Dumberer. The film kept us occupied for a couple of hours until we finally arrived at Dover. We checked in then got off of the bus for a toilet stop and some of us had a burger king. After that we got back on the bus to get on the ferry. On the ferry we stood outside and have some more pictures taken but then it got too cold so we went back inside and got something to eat. After the ferry arrive in Calis we travelled to about Paris and then we started to be quiet ish for the night. We stopped at a service station somewhere and then went to sleep.

Tuesday 5th August
We started the day on the bus around 2 hours away from Les Tamaris. when we was told that we was about hour away we got out of our sleeping bags and tidied up. (Lauren's Mess) before being greeted by the PGL staff. Our team leader Hoff and our groupies Chris and Lois got on the bus and said hi and stuff. Then we all got off the bus got our bags then put them in our village and went straight to breakfast. After breakfast we got changed and went for a tour around the site, we went to the beach got our BA's on for our swimming test and then we just played in the sea for a bit. At around 1.00 we had lunch and got ready for our first proper activity fivas. Robot Wars We got in to pairs and went out on to the water to put the sail up and things. Then we sailed around for a bit and then at the end we played some games on the boat and dived in to the sea off of the boats. The funniest bit was when Ian Ellis was going to dive in and Pete says I don't want to go in but Ian jumped in and capsized the boat. We went back to the village to get dry for dinner. For dinner we had chips and turkey, ham and cheese keives with ice cream. Then we got ready for our evening activity 'Robot Wars'. We chose a someone to be our robot, made them a costume out of cardboard then we went to the marquee to fight. After getting covered in egg, sand, flour and water we had a shower and went back to the village to get changed for the disco.

Wednesday 6th August
At the lakeWe had an early start as Lois woke us up at 7.30 for an 8.00am breakfast. We had breakfast and got all of our things ready for wind surfing and raft building. We had about an hour drive until we arrived at Lake Salagou. So to keep us entertained for this short time we watched part 1 of pirate of the Caribbean. We helped the instructors get all the food and kit off of the coach. When we got everything off the bus. We got the wind surf boards but there wasn't much wind. So we went on the lake and played some games on the boards. We played Sumo where pairs had to take it in turn to push each other off the board. Mostly the girls were better than the boys until it was Jono and Lauren's turn as Jono just picked her up and threw her off the board. But don't worry, she got her own back later! Then after a bit the wind started to pick up so we did some windsurfing. Then it was time to have lunch. A pack of crisps, a baguette, some fruit and a pack of these really nice French biscuits. After dinner we did raft building. We got spilt into two groups and had a competition to see what team made the best raft. Both teams made the raft the same (the Walesby way) but one teams raft was clearly better that the other as one raft fell apart after about 1 minute and the other made it to the other side of the lake and back. We took the rafts apart then went to play in the lake for a bit. After a quick play we had to get changed and dry to get back on the bus. We watched part 1 of Pirates of the Caribbean again. When we arrived back at the campsite we put all of wet things on the line to dry before we had dinner at 6.45, for dinner we had potato wedges and something else with chocolate moose. Our evening activity was beach Olympics, where we got wet and sandy yet again so we all went to have a shower and got changed for the disco. After the disco we all headed back to the village and a wash, brushed our teeth before we went to bed.

Thursday 7th August
It was another early start as breakfast was at 8.10. We had breakfast and got ready to go to the Gorges. We put all of the food and BA's on the coach and got on the coach for another good day out. The coach journey lasted for about 1 hours. When we got to the gorges we waited for the instructors to arrive so we played in the water for a bit When they arrived we swam over to the rocks and climbed up them so we could jump off of them. There was 3 rocks we could jump off, the baby one at about 3ft high, the medium one at about 10ft high and the big one about 18ft high. We did some jumping then after about 2 hours we swam back for lunch. After lunch we did some sun bathing and played in the water for a bit longer. Then some of us swam back to the rocks and did some more jumping. We left the gorges at about 4.30 and got back to Tamaris for about 6ish and dinner was at 6.15. After dinner we got changed and played capture the flag for our evening activity. After that we had a shower and got changed for the disco.

Friday 8th August
We had a late breakfast at 8.40; it was cereals, fruit, yoghurt, French bread and croissants. After breakfast we got ready to go on the beach and we did fun boats in the morning and toppers in the after noon. The fun boats are absolutely amazing and they are the hardest boats to capsize but some of us still managed to do it. We spilt into three groups so whilst we were waiting for our turn we played games on the beach and played in the sea. We had lunch at 1.00 and then after lunch we did toppers. Because the wind was strong we went out with an instructor and did the Tamaris wave where the boat tips up but not quite capsizes and the sail touches the water. That was great fun too and some of the instructors capsized the toppers because we wanted them to. When we all came in from the toppers we went back to the village at got ready to go to Cap-d'Agde (the local town and harbour). We had dinner at 5.30 and got on the coach to go shopping. When we arrived there was a tunnel and when you shouted and screamed it made an echo so we went running through it screaming and shouting. We went shopping and got ice cream and slushies and souvenirs and stuff. We ran back through the tunnel singing and got on the coach to go to the disco.

Saturday 9th August
catamaransBreakfast was fairly late at 8.30. We had the same again for breakfast, cereals, fruit, yoghurt, French bread and croissants. After breakfast we go ready to go on the catamarans and SOKs (sit on kayaks). The cats were fast and we got soaked. It was a really windy day and the sea was pretty rough, but it was great fun. We spilt off in to groups again to do the cats and after everyone had a go we went for lunch at 1.00. After lunch we did SOKs. We walked up the beach to the canal. We got on the kayaks and went to a big open bit in the canal. We played some games, splashed each other and capsized each other. The SOKs were also great fun. We had dinner at 5.45 and got ready for bar games. The bar game were very funny some of us had to copy what Mr Bonditsu did and others ended up with yoghurt on there face. There was much laughter coming from the bar area that night. After bar game we had time for showers and get ready for disco.

Sunday 10th August
group night outAnother early morning because Breakfast was at 8.10. Breakfast was the same again, cereal, fruit, yoghurt, French bread and croissants, after this we went do Cap-d'Agde to go a full day of snorkelling we got to see lots of different if fish and some people saw octopus. When we finished snorkelling we got onto the coach and made our way back to do camp court. This was where people voted for people that had done annoying things through the week for example people that ate 80 packs of crisps on the coach journey down (Lauren). There were lots of people that got voted for silly things and if they get found guilty they had to either eat a snail or frogs legs. Then we went to get a shower before our last night at the disco. After the disco we went back to our accommodation and went to bed for another early morning.

Monday 11th August
Breakfast was at 8.00am and once going we had the same as the rest of the week. Cereal, fruit, yoghurt, French bread and croissants. Unfortunately we had a thunder storm. This meant we was not allowed to go into the water and do Catamarans but instead we did on land activity's this was called life size cludo the way we got information like the person that did it and the weapon that killed Lois our groupie. We had to do team activity's for example dizzy dinosaurs, Jono had to propose to the bartender. After this we went into town for our last time to get souvenirs. We all came back from town and our last paddle in the sea before we left home. sad face

Tuesday 12th August
Nothing much happened really. We spent the day on a coach on the way back to England. Well we did get stuck in a traffic jam on the French motorway for 3 hours with no air conditioning. O and Lauren get locked in the coach at a service station cos she was asleep and the drivers didn't know she was there. But the best bit was our first English breakfast for a week on the ferry! We said good bye to the fire fighters as we changed coaches and then got back to Mansfield Tesco to see all our parents waiting for us. Over all the team building experience was absolutely amazing and I think that we would all happily go back any day despite the 24 hour journey because every minute sat on the bus made up for every second in Tamaris. We would all also like to thank everyone who made the trip happen including our leaders, the young fire fighters and everyone who helped us fund the trip by helping us with fund raising.

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