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Mansfield and District Explorers Pre-Summer Camp - June 2008

chilling outMansfield and District Explorers are going to a PGL water sports centre on the French Mediterranean Coast for their summer camp this year. Because we are only a small group, we are joining with a group of Young Fire Fighters from West Bromwich. Because we will be spending the whole week with them, a couple of months ago we went to their fire station and played with their hose pipes. Then a few weeks ago the fire fighters came to camp with us at Robin Hood Camp site. This is an account of the weekend camp...

Well we arrived in the rain sad smiley at 9 am in the morning rubbing sleep from our eyes we immediately bumped in to the first mess tent and a cheery Ian! Graham and I set about finding the party tents and getting them set up. We were soon joined by some others and in a couple of hours we had both the tents up and set about arranging the tables. After this we began to get the other tents up that would be our bedrooms for the night, still in the rain of course!

chilling out againAfter dinner we had a chance to chill out whilst the rest of our lot arrived and plan our days. The fire fighters were due to arrive at 6 ish. Chris had a camp fire planned for the other people who were camping and invited us along so we decided that we would cook dinner to be ready after the camp fire. We also planned some teambuilding games to get us talking to them for their immediate arrival.

So finally they arrived and we set about the games! They consisted of arranging ourselves in various orders along a piece of rope which we weren’t allowed to step off. It was a lot of fun and definitely got us to open up and communicate! Mission 1 accomplished. Our next mission was to try and set up a sort of friendship. This however would be tackled after the camp fire and dinner.

Through dinner there was a little awkward atmosphere but this was squished when some of their younger leaders came over and opened up some conversation soon we were getting on quite well and having a laugh.

more chilling outWe decided to get some games going after the tidying up of the dinner stuff was done. First up, sedan chairs! We had to build chairs from some broom handles and then race them round the campfire. We split everyone into mixed teams of fire fighters and explorers and set about building our winning seats! Once done we set off for the races not too sure who won I know which was the best chariot but the team working when carrying just wasn’t up to scratch! Once that was finished with we split into new teams to go and play a wide game in the woods! This was scary!

The idea was that each team had silver balls in a bucket and the other teams had to steal them, however we incorporated “lives” into the game by tying balloons round our waists and the opposing teams had to burst them! Emily and I resorted to hiding for the entire time!

When we returned it was a case of chilling out getting a drink and some cake and chatting or going to bed. After we were all worn out most retired pretty soon!

outdoor cooking more outdoor cookingWe all woke up at 7…ish, and were surprised to see that the weather had cleared up and was looking good. We all had to get into groups of five to make our own breakfast on a trangia, outside. This went well and we all managed to get a decent breakfast. We then set off to the orienteering course about 3 miles away. When we got there, we get ourselves into mixed groups. All groups walked around for a while and didn't find a single orienteering post. So we gave in. however, when we got back we discovered that the orienteering posts had been taken out!!!! The nice firemen leaders then took us back to camp in their mini busses. When we got back it was time for the firefighters to go home, so we ate some cake and said our goodbyes. I think I made friends with many of the firefighters and I am defiantly looking forwards to going to France with them!!

Reported By Emily G & KT
Mansfield and District Explorers