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Rufford Explorer Sleepover May 2008

Rufford’s Sleepover at Bilsthorpe HQ: Thursday 29 - Saturday 31st May 2008

The sleepover started at 9pm on the Thursday when most of the group went to supper bowl and to Tesco to pick up food for the 2 days. There were 6 people going but unfortunately for 2 members missed the bus. (The driver did not stop for them) we meet Mark and had two games of bowling. We all enjoyed this part of the day then we had to think about food for sleepover so we decided to catch the FREE tesco bus from the bus station to tesco. We got some food for breakfast for Friday and Saturday. Then went to the café at Tesco and had dinner. Then went back to town and cached the 3.10 bus back to Bilsthorpe (the bus was running late again). We got to Bilsthorpe for about 4 o clock. When we got to scout hut we started to set up our afternoon entertainment which was the PS3. We spent several hours watching and trying to play guitar heroes with no sound. Then 7 o’clock came it was time for explorers every one else arrived and we started our activity for the evening which was international cooking. (That was lucky we was ready for tea) We had Greek salad and it was very nice and thanks go to the head chefs Mark (dotty pig) and Catherine.

Then it was time for the explorers witch was not staying had to go (BYE). We played on the PS3 a bit longer and then watched Ghost Busters. I don’t think many of us saw the end of the film because we fell asleep 'cos we had to be up at 7am to be out on our walk at 8am.

A bridge on the walkThe Next day we was supposed to get up at 7 but most of the group got up about 7.45am in time for breakfast but this still didn't get Em up so I decided to pull her around the room ( Bad mistake lets just say it hurt). We started our walk a bit late 8.45pm. The route we was a mystery tour for us because Em planned it and wanted it to be a secret which she did really well. We ended up at Norwell about 7 hours later where there was a lift waiting to take us back to the scout hut. It was a really good walk but I can't remember where we went. When we got back to the scout hut we played on the ps3 a bit more and then went to the Copper Beech for our tea about 7pm. We all had a good meal there and some people had a nice pudding too. We got back to the scout hut about 9 o'clock and we made a fire and played on guitar heroes again but this time with sound. Then about 11pm we started to watch a film again. No one saw the end of this film it froze in the middle and would not start again so we all went to bed.

The final day several people got up early to cook breakfast and then the reminder of the group got up when it was cooked again then we tied up the scout hut and went home about 11 o'clock.

Reported By Graham Baguley
Rufford Explorers