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Surprise Birthday party for ESL - June 2008

Do you ever think how unorganised your Explorers are and are then totally proved wrong?

Well that's what happened to me on Thursday 19th June 2008.

The idea was that we were supposed to be playing golf at Rufford Park driving range. I was told it was all sorted. The bays were booked, people were brining their clubs and everyone had transport. Then I get a phone call about hour before saying it had all gone wrong and we were meeting at the scout hut instead. I thought "what an unorganised bunch of Explorers I had."

So I set off to the scout hut ready to give them all a telling off.

However, when I got near there were a few stood out on the road who ran inside, so I knew something was going on.... Then came the surprise.

surprise birthday partyThey had all organised a surprise birthday party for me. Guests from around the District, Party games, BBQ, Disco and they had all clubbed together to buy me presents. Everyone had a really fun evening and at the end I said to them that sometimes I go home from Explorers not wanting to go back - But then they go and do something like this. They all worked so well together and I told them they are the best Explorers that anyone could ever have!!!!

So I would like to use this website to say thank you to Stefan, Emily, Graham, Catherine, Emily, Katie, Adam, Jonathan, Robert, Mark, Ian, Matt and Ryan.

Ian Ellis
Rufford Explorers (very proud) Leader