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Flintham Explorers at Centenary Camp 2007

Flintham Explorers, part of a small Newark District contingent for the Centenary camp, were thankful for the location of their sub camp close to the main marquees, toilets and benefit of shelter from the surrounding woods; however at 5.30am on the Saturday morning they regretted being so close to Cubs who decided that morning had broken and scouts who thought it an excellent time to chop wood!
I too was woken up at 5.30am by Newark District Scouts chopping wood - I was camping close to their camp! - Steve

Before the opening ceremony Flintham invested two new members Jack Barker and Fiona Shaw into the unit making it one of the largest in Newark, not bad for a group that didn't invest its first members until April 2006. The opening ceremony itself was a moving experience and brought back memories of AJ2003 at Auchengillan although not a kilt was in sight. For some it was the largest camp they had ever experienced and enjoyed getting into the swing of things singing along to 'Don't stop me now'; Fi remembered just in time to fetch 'Camp' the camp mascot to the ceremony so that he did not miss out on the fireworks to finish.

Camp pet beetlesThe sun held out during the Saturday morning water activities although long queues and slow start up of some activities made for a lot of waiting around. The afternoon session saw Flintham partaking of Air Rifles and for some the discovery that they had two left feet in the dance workshop, others however excelled. At some point in the day Jack & James found a companion for 'Camp' and named it 'Butch' - the camp now had two pet beatles.

The evening's entertainment was the highlight of the camp for all the Explorers but for different reasons. The Variety Show was just brilliant and loved by all. The 'Rave' that followed (disguised as an Over 11's disco) sent some into raptures whilst it left others with bruises and headaches. (Katie got caught in a mosh pit and Amy got punched!) Jack & Fi were on 7th Heaven having experienced their first Rave - it was everything my brother said it would be - was heard; who needs drugs when you can feel like this - anon.

Sunday saw the rain continue to fall and so 3 explorers spent the day in their tent, only coming out for food and water. (They were saving themselves for the disco apparently.) Sam & Amy braved the weather to go to Archery but the long walk and wait to just shoot 3 arrows was thought to be an excessive use of energy so apart from Jenny who joined 7th Newark for a quick dip in the pool the Explorers organised a face and hair makeover activity of their own, thanks to Fi's resources. (Fi's ever-optimistic view of camping meant that she had not forgotten to bring a hairdryer and straighteners.) Their leader by contrast was getting soaked spending yet another session on the activities team pulling canoes in and out of the lake! Ian Todd, ADC Scouts, visited our site to witness the results of the beauty session. Jish sporting his hair in French plaits, Sam sporting a fringe bobble and all the girls with beautiful straight hair - except for Jenny - who was of course swimming (with Stef)!Flintham ESU

By Monday we had all had enough of the rain that was still falling. Some took advantage of the nice hot showers whilst others went JCBing. The craft tent, one of the few activities not abandoned due to rain was deemed too crowded and unfortunately the one activity that James had waited all weekend for - BMX bikes was no where to be seen!

In summary - Thanks to the county team for a brilliant event, Flintham had a wicked camp. The weather did not dampen spirits, Fiona found somewhere to plug in her straigteners, Ryan missing his usual possy of guides did find a girl scout, Jack caught up on sleep, Amy found 7th Newark, Hazel & James can't wait to be invested in September, Jenny was skank to Jish & Stefan, Katie & Sam found each other - and a lot of washing up and Cathy never did get a 'Notts Activity Team Polo shirt' but did get a wet tent.

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