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Ready Steady Cook

Newark District Explorer Ready Steady Cook Competition took place on Friday 27 April 2007 and was hosted by 7th Newark.

Coddington team Teams from Coddington, 7th Newark and two from Flintham took the challenge to cook a three course meal from scratch costing no more than £7.50.

Coddington looked the most efficient outfit having all their equipment and ingredients set out well before the start at 7.15pm; they even had taken the trouble to write out check cards, for who did what, when and how! Flintham teams by contrast seemed to think that catching up with the weeks gossip was more in order.

Team Flintham the youngerOnce the organiser and main judge, Ian Todd ADC(Scouts), had got the competition under way all teams got on task and a flurry of culinary activity ensued.  7th Newark were severely hampered when their own leader, (in his excitement to show off the new Centenary Flag - very good value at only £9!), knocked their opened tin of tomatoes off the table and all down the wall. Their main course of Bolognaise sauce was now short of the main ingredient – TOMATOES. Rodney conceded guilt and ambled to Morrison’s to buy a replacement. (Lucky the competition was held near a supermarket!)

All teams produced excellent meals, even though the judge’s preference for well done pasta was at odds to the excellent al dente cooked stuff produced. Pasta and pancakes was a common theme from many of the teams with starters ranging from soup to melon.

The teams were judged on preparation, culinary skills, presentation, hygiene and of course taste.

The winners by a narrow margin were the older Flintham team comprising Katie Bow, Sam Alton and Amy Rose who each received a voucher to go and see a film of their choice at the local cinema.

Winning StarterThe winning menu was:

Appetiser: Balled succulent melon and juicy grapes covered with a tantalising honey, lime and ginger sauce

Main: Authentic Italian style aromatic Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Desert: Delicious mini pancakes layered with enticing stewed apple and topped with a cheeky squirt of cream for the child within.