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Flintham Explorers at Shadow 2007

Well it all started on a high every one was rearing to go! Fiona (team captain), Hazel (first aider), Jack and James (Navigators, well I say navigators!), and Matt (official pencil holder!!) they all had a job and couldn't wait to start! They signed in and off they went through the woods of Sherwood Forest. As soon as they got on there way Fiona and Jack stated that they were hungry although they'd probably about an hour ago had there tea but there was no point fighting with them there was only one solution 'wam bars' that Jack had kindly got for the group the day before but they all new he just wanted them for himself!! They all got appointed a flavour then off they went for the second time!

Flintham Team for Shadow 2007The first activity was shelter building, and they don't live in the country side for nothing!! They did brilliantly, team work was ace and the shelter probably could have done with a tad adjustment but it was useable. They got nineteen out of twenty, great! And it just got better and better on the next four stations, they didn't get any points below 10, they were having great fun, in fact I think the only thing that was getting a bit boring was explaining were Flintham was. I think as a group they counted about fifteen times that they had said 'It's in-between Bingham and Newark'.

On the fifth station they struggled a bit to find it. They walked down this stretch that seemed never ending and as they thought they got close they heard someone next to them shout 'its B1 down there' disaster! They didn't want B1 they wanted B2 so they were totally stuck. They turned around and went a different way; luckily for them they bumped into some adults that helped them and finally they got to the right place, with a little bit of help! The night was going well as it seemed to last for ages!

Dressed as condoms at the 'Safe Sex' base!All Fiona wanted to know was if the karaoke base was on this year because she was desperate to show off her voice not that, that's different to normal! To her surprise it was, she couldn't wait to get stuck in! The group loved dressing up in green cheerleading skirts and shaking the booties to a bit of aqua-Barbie girl, seeing Jack and James dancing was a once in a life time experience! (When I say once I mean probably best not to ever see it again!) But it was entertaining!! After that great act they went on to the next one, it was those skis' that you do in a group but they were blind folded we can safely say we weren't the best at this! But off we go to what we had decided to be the last base for us of the night, the problem again was finding it and what was weird on this one was that they had been shown which way to go already. They went exactly the way they had been told but all of a sudden everyone turned pessimistic on this path. It seemed to be taking us out of the woods which we knew was the wrong way! I think by this time we had all had enough and decided to turn back home, they called it a day, and enjoyed their sausage cob at the end!!

They all had a really adventurous night and it was really good fun! They loved it!