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County Explorer Camp - May 2008

Friday 15th May 2008 Most people arrived at the Robin Hood campsite around 6.30 to start putting up their tents and unpacking their bags After about an hour everyone was on site and we had a briefing and some "ice breaker" games to get to know people from other groups. We played "the card game", "sit on each other's knee" "the plank" (the idea was to get in certain orders but we can't move out of line) and lots of other fun silly games. We had some supper which was sausage roll and biscuits. We eventually got to bed around 11.30 but most people got to sleep quite a lot after that, but we had to be quiet because of the other people on the campsite.

Saturday 16th May 2008 We had a very early morning and had to be ready for breakfast at 7.30. A couple of people had to be woken up by Ian and Malc using saucepans and very loud voices. The breakfast was very nice as it consisted of bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, hash brown, beans and tomato.

the winning teamAfter breakfast we were then separated into groups ready for our "Monopoly live" run in Nottingham and we were given a briefing on what we were meant to be doing through out the day, when the briefing was complete we set off in cars to Hucknall NET tram station and then they let us lose in the centre of Nottingham to find famous landmarks and points of interest like the Biffa HQ, Notts. County football ground and other places like Wollaton park. We had to find landmarks and have our picture taken in front of them to prove that we had been there. We also had to use common sense and some of us asked people around Nottingham for help. We got around Nottingham by foot, tram and bus. Check out more pictures of the Monopoly Run here - Ed. on the Monopoly Run


After a long day we played a bit of football back at the campsite and sat in Parkes cabin until it was time for dinner. For dinner we had Christmas dinner!!!!! YUM YUM. We were visited by the CC, Kathryn Wills, Jock Shaw and Santa. We played party games such as pass the parcel, musical chairs and pass the bean bag plus to make it even better we all got a present from our special visitor. As it was such a long day we were all tired so got to bed a bit earlier.


Awaiting instructionsSunday 17th May 2008 We had breakfast, a little later than on Saturday, at around 9.00. We had toast and cereals. We went and got changed so we could play on the water slide. on the water slideWe all had a go and then we all went down at once. It was great fun. Check out loads more pictures of the water slide here - Ed. After some more go's down the slide we had a shower and got changed for lunch, which was a piece of fruit, a packet of crisps and drink.

After lunch we went on the assault course. We had to take the cannon round it and get through, under and over different obstacles. Check out more pictures of the assault course here - Ed. on the assault course

Then we had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. We were all set tasks to do to help clean up, some on toilets, some in the kitchen, some in the dining room and some in Parkes cabin. Unfortunately we had to pack our bags and put down our tents as the camp had ended. We said our goodbyes and set off home.

Written by matilda (aka Lauren)

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