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Plotting RouteThis year's county flag was different from the one before because we went to a different area of the County, Flintham in Newark District.

So the competition this year was much better from my point of view because of a new area to explore and a new team Emily m, Emily g, Jono, Arron and Me. We started much early so we got some sleep at the end. We started as a team at 4pm and put up our tents and got ready for our checking time at 5:45pm. We went thought the kit check with flying colours and then we started to plan our routes which went very smoothly.

Kit Inspection

At 6:30pm we started to walk. This was a great walk this year because this area of the county had no hills, which was very strange compared to the weekend before doing D of E in the Dark Peak in Derbyshire. (Full of hills).

We all enjoyed the walk and we was so glad when we got to the check point where there was team activities and food. The activities were good such as the car accident and the rocket firing and many more.

We finished the walk around 3 o'clock before turning clocks back. We got back and had a nice jacket potato and went to bed so we got some rest before we started to cook.

Cooking DemonstrationFor the cooking competition, as the whole County Flag has changed, we had to make the same as the rest of the Explorer groups and not make something we wanted to. Emily g had to go to the mess tent at 10:30 and get all the instruction of how to make our dishes which was a leak and potato soup for starter, stuffed chicken fillets with mushroom, rice and carrots for main course and apple crumble with raisins for pudding. This was a really nice set menu especially the apple crumble with raisins was really, really nice.

And then all they changers needed another change to the end of the day and it was the winners of the County Flag 2007. And the winners for 2007 were E3 Rufford explorers.

Explorer team

We won a County event for the first time which is fantastic.

Thanks to all the people that were involved with the running of the County Flag and the organisation.

Rufford Explorers.