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cooking County Flag Competition 2008

Almost 100 young people took part in this year's County Flag challenge hike. As the sun shone down in Calverton young people from across the County gathered to put some of the skills they have learned in Scouting into practice.

All of the young people had a great time and showed high levels of skill in first aid, map reading and cooking. Scouts and Explorers spent a total of about 7 hours walking and two hours cooking and then camped overnight. The Cub Scouts spent the afternoon walking a shorter version of the challenge hike. We hope that as a result of the day that Cub Scouts will be eligible for the Road Safety badge and another Hikes Away award.

Well done to everyone who entered this year's County Flag competition and a huge thank you to everyone that has helped run the event and make it happen. I have listed below the results for this year's competition.


Position Points Team No. Team Name
1 155 S1 5th Mansfield Sea Scouts


Position Points Team No. Team Name
1 160 E3 Weavers ESU Team 1
2 156 E8 Mahoosive (Flintham ESU)
3 151 E1 Hardcore Puzzle Pirates (5th Mansfield ESSU)
4 138 E7 Rufford ESU
5 136 E6 Weavers ESU Team 2
6 80 E5 Peppers ESU
did not finish 144 E4 C.B.A. (Leysbrook ESU)
did not finish 128 E2 Equinox ESU
did not finish 65 E9 Bonington Explorers

Thanks again hope to see you next year.
Chris & the County Flag 2008 Team