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My 21st World Scout Jamboree experience

Steve CreeWow! Did you get to visit the 21st World Scout Jamboree at Hylands Park? I did.

If you didn't get as a member of the Nottinghamshire Unit, you may have been one of the fortunate day visitors. I know that those of you who were part of the Walesby World Experience visited the Jamboree for one day with up to 15 coaches a day travelling from Walesby down to Chelmsford.

The 21st World Scout Jamboree was a very exciting time for our Nottinghamshire Unit, with comments of "This is the best time in my life", "I've never experienced anything so exciting", etc. I did manage to meet up with a few of them when I visited the Jamboree, but they were so busy with activities that they hadn't much time to stop and chat. I did get to welcome them back to Nottinghamshire afterwards. They were very tired, but I am in no doubt whatsoever that they had a super time.

Congratulations to Ian Johnson, Gemini ESU, on renewing his Scout Promise whilst on holiday in Canada on 1st August. Remember, we are all members of the world-wide family of Scouts and this goes to prove it. Where did you renew your promise on 1st August? I travelled down to the Old Market Square because my Scouting began in the City. (An American Scout Leader from Carolina was there in his uniform. He renewed his promise with us at 8am. I gave him my card, but unfortunately he didn't have one to pass back to me, but he has my details so I hope that he will write.) I remember that when I was a Scout at 47th Nottingham (Lenton) the St George's Day Parades always went past the Council House afterwards for the Lord Mayor to take the salute. So I suppose I went back to my Scouting roots.

Those of you fortunate enough to have been somewhere International, be it as a member of the 21st World Scout Jamboree, Walesby World Experience, in Belgium (as I know some of you were) or even on holiday and meeting up with another Scout Group or Unit like Ian Johnson did, would hopefully have exchanged e-mail addresses - and hopefully you have made new friends from around the world. I know that when I have attended Jamborees in the past, I have met other leaders and exchanged details. Some of them have become very good friends, some just an occasional e-mail contact, but even so, should I ever visit their area, I know that I will have a guide to show me around and maybe even a bed for a night or two because this is also part of International Scouting.

I have a Scout Leader, who was on the International Service Team, staying at my house with me as I write this article. I first met him at 19th WSJ in Chile. He comes from Chevy Chase in Maryland. (No, the town is not named after the actor, the actor is named after the town.) The town is very close to Washington DC - which is where he works. Another very close friend is a leader who lives on the island of Florianopolis off the coast of Brazil whom some of you may have met and who has helped Mansfield & District Explorers and Network members in recent years when they have taken part in their Explorer Belt Challenge.

I love International Scouting, it really brings home the meaning of the fourth Scout Law and there are some wonderful opportunities out there waiting for you. Malc and I already have some ideas in the pipeline, so keep your eyes on our website, something may be coming on this site very, very soon.

Dig out those e-mail addresses that you were given and just write a few lines to them telling them a little more about yourself, about the great time you had when you met them, about your local town or village, about anything sensible, but please do write in plain Engish and not in mobile text language so that they can understand what you do write.

I hope that you've had a super time where ever you have been.