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My 21st World Scout Jamboree Home Hospitality experience - by Chris Gathercole

Hosting Japanese scouts this August has been a rewarding experience and brought back happy memories as my brother, Michael, and myself were kindly given Home Hospitality on a Winter Adventure Camp to Sweden last year.

Home HospitalityTaro, aged 17, and Terry, aged 16 years, arrived in Nottingham on Wednesday afternoon. After a long journey by coach from the Jamboree they enjoyed playing badminton with us at Wollaton Park and we spotted some deer which apparently look different to Japanese deer. Thursday was again a beautiful, sunny day and we made the most of it by having an outing to Chatsworth House, where we had a picnic and some of us (not to mention any names!) got rather lost in the maze before cooling off by walking bare-foot on the water cascades. We learned quite a few Japanese words that day; Taro's and Terry's favourite word to describe Chatsworth House was 'deka' which means 'big'.

On Friday we visited the Tales of Robin Hood which both Taro and Terry loved. They had heard about Robin Hood before and were quite interested in finding out more about the legend. Quite a few people seemed to have the same idea, as we kept bumping into other Japanese scouts at Nottingham Castle. After all that sightseeing we were quite famished and my mum took us to Pizzahut for the eat-as-much-as-you-can buffet. She was surprised how much pizza we all managed to consume!

We certainly felt as if wed managed to show how beautiful particular parts of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire are and how the way of life here differs slightly from Japan. We also had the opportunity to learn about each other's culture, way of life and family whilst having a great time. This, I'm sure will have been an educational, as well as enjoyable stay, and I'm in no doubt that both the scouts of Nottingham, and of Japan, will endeavour to preserve this friendship between them for evermore. We have exchanged addresses with Taro and Terry and I would like to think that we will be able to keep in touch.

Chris Gathercole
Discovery E.S.S.U.