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PGL WEEKEND (Bum, Bum, do you want to be crazy?)

Where do I start on the action packed weekend, we started the PGL weekend at 4:30pm on Friday 23rd November at Bilsthorpe scout hut where we jumped into the scout mini bus and made our way to Linby where we picked the rest of the group up. After picking them up from Linby we made our way to the PGL centre near Grantham which was about 1¼hr drive from Linby.

team ready for actionWhen we arrived at the PGL Centre we met Colin our Groupie for the weekend that showed us the area we would be staying in and we went for our evening meal and then we had about 45 mins to get the rooms set up for the that night and went out side and played a wide game. This was a great start to the weekend. We finish playing the wide game about 8:30 and then me Em, Azz, Lauren and Nathan had a small game of basket ball. This finished about 9 o’clock and we all meet in the lounge and talked a lot till about 11 and then went to bed getting refreshed for all the great activities taking place the next day.

The next day started at 0800 hr we meet in the lounge and then went for breakfast. Then we started the day full of activities at 0900 hours. We started with the zip wire then we had quad biking which were both great activities and really fun. The only thing I learnt from this was not to do a superman pose. Because you can’t lay down.

Then we had a nice lunch. We then continued with more fantastic activities which included the giant swing;- this was amazing because we got pulled up to a really high height and we released a lever and we fell to the floor and swung which was great fun, then we went climbing. After evening meal we had another night activity which was the Jacobs ladder which was very good fun and great for team building. The end of the activates finished about 9:00pm then we went into the lounge and talked with the leaders till about 12midnight.

Quad bikesThe Final day we started at 0800hrs again and had breakfast. The morning activities started again at 9:00am which was high ropes which was great but very scary and then survival skills which was making shelter and tracking which was a good activity. Then it was lunch. After lunch we stared the afternoon activities which was abseiling which was fantastic and then we went onto the challenge course which was really good fun till we started to cheat. (mainly me). Then we when to our evening meal and said our good bye’s to the PGL staff and finished the fantastic weekend of activities and made our way back to Linby and Bilsthorpe.

I feel that the whole weekend was amazing and full of fun activities but I think the best activity was the giant swing because it was a really good activity and full of fun when the group was pulling higher and higher. But over all, all of the activities were fantastic. And I wish it was still the weekend and I didn’t have to be back to college today.

Over all I would like to thank Malc for winning the weekend and then thank Steve, Ian and the PGL staff for a great weekend.

Rufford ESU

Check out the photos from Malc

Oh, by the way, “Bum, Bum, do you want to be crazy” was a campfire type song being sung by Malc, Steve and Ian all weekend which resulted in us all learning it including the PGL Staff.