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PGL weekend- 23-25th November

Friday night just got back from school 4 pm stuff almost packed, I added the last few things and made my way to the scout hut where Ian was picking us up. There we waited Me, Emily, Emily, Aaron and Graham for Ian to arrive, slightly late but never mind. We hopped into the mini bus and set off for Linby, where the Scout HQ is to pick up the other members of our group.

This included: Lauren, Kelly, Josh, Danny, Chef, Chris, Peter and Nathan. Oh yeh and of course the leaders: Malcolm and Ian were already with us but we couldn't forget Steve!! So we all piled back into the minibus after a quick register and were on our way, hyper as expected and ready for a fun weekend.

ready for some excitementWe arrived about 6ish I think and unloaded our stuff and went straight in for dinner. Yum! We hoped!! It was meat balls and rice I think, tasty! Of course it didn't take me and Emily all that long to cause some trouble. Feeling thirsty and needing a cuppa we headed for the drinks machine. We both agreed that the cups weren’t full enough and so we pressed the button again, unfortunately there was then too much tea and errr….it spilt! Never mind, we ran away quickly and hoped no one noticed, of course they didn't! After dinner we unpacked and got prepared for our first activity: Ambush, a varied game of hide and seek. This was fun until my feet began to go numb! After 2 hours of that we returned to our rooms to go to bed. Well that was the idea; instead we all had a drink and a good natter in the lounge. I was first to bed.

the next morning we were up bright and early for a quick tour of the centre, afterwards was breakfast followed almost immediately by the days first activity: Zip wire! This was amazing although I only went once it was like flying and just made you smile. Next were quad bikes! Also a lot of fun, it didn't take me too long to master the art of crashing and after that how not to!

High SwingNext we had lunch, then out to the giant swing. Which was awesome the most amazing experience ever; and also quite scary judging by some of the language we heard from below! Me and Emily screamed and giggled the whole time! This was also an excellent team activity because it was up to us to pull the two people up to the height they wanted, of course after that it was all down to them as they had to pull the release cord. That was probably the most terrifying part, especially as your stomach disappears as you first fall! Next was climbing which was really difficult as the weather was deteriorating and your hands went numb half way up the wall, however not to be put off the majority off us had a go and most reached the top! GO US!!

Finally it was dinner time and afterwards Jacob's ladder as chosen by our guide, Colin. This was another excellent teambuilding activity because you have to work in a team and help each other climb the ladder. My team and Emily's both reached the top fantastically unfortunately the other two weren't entirely successful, one making it halfway and the other losing one of their members half. However we all had ago and it really pulled us together! We then returned to our rooms once again and unfortunately I felt really ill so was definitely the first in bed again Saturday night.

Sunday our last was not to be wasted. Again we rose early had breakfast and made our way to activity numero 1: High ropes. This was another awesome task. We had to complete obstacles on a course but up in the air, don’t know how high but It was ace! Everyone had at least one go round and a few of us even ran round, which we weren’t really supposed to do but never mind!

We then moved onto survivor which was all out building shelters and making signals. This was funnish but we were beginning to miss home and wanted some food! After lunch we had abseiling which was ok, nothing new. Then the Challenge course which was an experience I think we'll say. I hurt my knee fell out of some tyres and lost both times round to josh. Overall the weekend was amazing I enjoyed almost every second and can't wait for the summer trip to France. It was ace getting to know some of the people I will be going with and also making some new friends!!

Katie Pepper

Check out the photos from Malc and Ian