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PGL camp on the weekend on the 23rd November to the 25 November 2007

as you all know this years was the hundred years of scouting and Malc went as a day vister and won 25 places to go to a pgl centre but out of 25 places only 13 people went to the pgl centre at caythorpe court.

over the 3 day we did a range of actives with 3 meals a day and 4 actives each day and 1 night time actives which included.

High ropes a range of objects in high you had to move around
absailing you had to walk down a wall
quad bikes i course of tires of circles which you had to move around a courses
jacbas ladder a climbing a different heights to get to the top woking as a team
giant swing two went up at once the other people in group had to pull them up they had to pull a leaver to swing.
challenge course a cores on the fall
zip wire you had slide down a wire
climbing to climb up a wall and ring the bell
wide game there were two teams one time had a to hide and places cones the other had to follow and find them

The weekend as a chance for people from all around county to get together to make friends gain new skills and face fears i thought the weekend went very well i had the chance to hang with people my own age and over come my fear of heights and get to the top of the jacbas ladder by working as a team all weekend you got loads of support from evreyone i like to say than

The song
Bum bum do you want to be crazy.
Bum bum do you want to be nuts like us.
Silly AND foolish all day long.
Boom boom do you want to be crazy.
Horsy and the flea and three blind mice,
Sitting on a curb stone shooting dice.
Horsy slipped and fell on flea.
Whoops said flea there’s a horsy on me

i like to say thanks to every one that came and thanks for all the great friends i made


Check out the photos from Malc