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Greetings from Headquarters

Hello, my name is Chris Brammer. I am the UK Adviser for Explorer Scouts. Although I was appointed by UK Headquarters, like most people involved in Explorer Scouting I am a volunteer.

What does Chris look like?

Previously I have been a DESC, and ESL and an ACC (ES). In my other life (the one that pays my wages), I work as a doctor.

My Scouting role has two main components.

Firstly, I am here to support and promote the development of Explorer Scouting across the UK. I will be doing this through a new support structure that will involve the appointment of a number of Regional Advisers over the next year. In your Scouting region, there will be a Regional Adviser for each of the five youth sections, and they will provide direct and local support to the Assistant County and Area Commissioners for the sections. They in turn support the leaders involved in providing good quality Scouting in the Counties, Areas and Districts. In the Explorer Scout Section, this means supporting the District Explorer Scout Commissioners and Explorer Scout Leaders.

My second task is to advise the UK Commissioner for Programme, Andrew Wellbeloved, so that UK Headquarters can be sure that the Explorer Scout Section has the best possible structure, programme and opportunities on offer to the Young People in our charge. This means that, if you have any concerns, or if you thing something isn’t as good as it should be, or if you think something is particularly good, I would like to here from you. You can tell your ACC (ES), and the new structure should mean that it is much more likely that issues affecting Explorer Scouting “at the coal face” will be raised at National level.

Please feel free to contact me directly via the Explorer Scout office at Gilwell Park - or by telephoning the Info Centre- and I’ll do my best to respond to you.


Chris Brammer
UK Adviser (Explorer Scouts)