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Welcome to our new look County Explorer Scout website. I do hope that you like it. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the site come together and I'm just itching to get some more photos on here, so come on you lot.. send Colyn some stuff!

Malc Skelton I'm Malc Skelton and here's a little about me:

Someone asked me the other day that same old question, why do you give up your free time to scouting? I can and always answer it with one word, FUN, because that's what I get from it and it's what I hope you all get from it too. The main aim of Scouting is fun; if it's international then it should be fun; if it has religious connotations then why can't this be fun too. All this fun transfers to the achievement of awards. Your county has one of the highest Duke of Edinburgh participation rates in scouting, well done!

2007 was fantastic, every time I came in to contact with members of our movement I encountered pure enthusiasm and fun. This culminated with the PGL event, what a weekend that was! We arrived at the centre on Friday and from the first to the last minute the staff at the centre ensured that we had a fabulous weekend. The group took part in a wide range of activities which were challenging and enjoyable. As with any scouting event where energy and young people meet, food was a high priority, let's just say that all the plates were clean! Everyone was able to push their personal and physical boundaries throughout the weekend with new things tried and new friendships formed. The key question at the end of the weekend was "when are we coming again?"

2007 also brought the county explorer website. The brief for the website was a site which would be used by all members of the section on a regular basis. The website has been a phenomenal success which is informative, fun and forever changing. There were over three thousand hits in just nine months. The reports are being written by the guys that matter - the young people!!! Did it achieve the brief, no it didn't. I think, in fact I know, IT SMASHED AND STAMPED ALL OVER IT!! Having spoken to other members of the scouting movement from across Britain and head office anyone coming into contact with the website think it's great. Thanks go out to Colyn for putting in the foundations and grouting it all together but thanks also go out to all the contributors.

Well the future........

Malc and Hannah SkeltonMy daughter arrived by stork three weeks ago and with a mum and dad being involved in scouts and guides (54 years combined) will she become a member of the movement? Well I won't push her to join either movement. She will have a choice, as long as it's scouts!!!! But at only 90 hours old she was at the new Ollerton and Boughton scout headquarters. Here's hoping!!! We are seeing some great things coming out of units, groups and Districts keep having fun, gaining awards and new life experiences. Thanks for letting me enjoy myself so much and showing me that the youth of this Fair Isle are one of which we can be proud!!!!!!!

Steve has moved on slightly to becoming ACC(10- 25 year olds) which will still keep him in regular contact with all the Explorers. I would like to wish him well in this role and thank him for all his continued support. I know that the Explorers are close to Steve's heart and as ACC he will be checking up on us!!

Thanks Malcolm


have no regrets for the things you have done - only for the things you haven't"