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Welcome to our County Explorer Scout website. I do hope that you like it. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the site come together and I am extremely grateful to Colyn Kemp at South-West Notts District for all the hard work he has put into it.

Steve Cree I'm Steve Cree and I'm your Deputy County Commissioner for 10˝-25 years in Nottinghamshire, which covers Explorer Scouting . I have been involved in Scouting as a Cub, Scout, Senior Scout (pre-Venture Scouts), Venture Scout (pre-Explorers) and as a Leader. I started my Scouting life at 47th Nottingham (Lenton) Scout Group as an 8 year old Cub - there were no Beaver Colonies then.

My Hobbies & Interests:  Scouting (obviously), being among and helping young people, travel - especially to International destinations, I am a member of the Mansfield Sister Cities Association (I'm looking forward to a visit to Mansfield, Ohio, USA next year).  I attend the Trinity Methodist Church at Mansfield Woodhouse.

My first real International Experience was to attend the 12th World Scout Jamboree which took place in Idaho, USA in Summer 1967. Since then, I have attended a number of Jamborees, International Camps and recently helped to lead two Explorer Belt Challenges in Brazil.

I served for 32 years with Nottinghamshire Police in various roles including being one of the first D.A.R.E. Officers in the County, so we may have met at sometime. Since I retired from the Police 8 years ago, I have gone on to form a new business called C.A.S.E. (Children And Safety Education) which is taught in Infant Schools or Key Stage 1 and additionally I have trained as a minibus driver trainer/assessor and go around the country training volunteers drivers.

One of my best times in Scouting in recent years has been to see a number of the young people that I have worked with attain their Queen's Scout Award and attend the National St. George's Day Service at Windsor Castle. This is one day when you really see wall-to-wall Scouting in a town. I have also had the pleasure of attending the National Presentation of Queen's Scout Award Citations which are signed by Her Majesty The Queen.

My wife serves as Deputy District Commissioner at Mansfield as well as GSL at 10th Mansfield and my son, Roo (real name Andrew), is ASL at 4th Mansfield Woodhouse where he started his Scouting life as a Cub.

Steve and his car And yes, I did, I went and bought myself a new registration for my new car - SC 07 OUT. No I'm not crazy (well yes I am otherwise I wouldn't be here in the role that I am), but I'm all for 'Shouting for Scouting' which is what we should all be doing.

What a great number!

My deputy or sidekick is County Explorer Scout Leader Malc Skelton, who some of you may know through the Survival Skills courses he helps to run in the County. Read about Malc further on in this website.

Please let us know at the website what you are up to, what you have been doing, etc. Send us your photos, etc. Anything you want to tell us about, be it a fun evening pancake making or your latest hike, send it to Colyn. He may have to edit some of it or hold it over to another week, but this is your website, so lets see who can 'out do' others at the news they are getting on the website. You never know, it could even end up on the National website. It's time we started 'Shouting for Scouting' in Notts. Most of you have access to computers, digi cameras, etc., so come on, let's show the County what we can do! Let's lead the way, let's create new routes, because that's one of the roles of an Explorer.


Growing old is compulsory, Growing up is optional.