Nottinghamshire Scouts



This section is all about keeping physically fit. You can achieve this by regular training and playing as a member of a team OR with with 1 to 3 other people OR go to the gym and improve on your fitness etc. You do not need to be a super-fit athlete. Anyone can tackle this section it just requires regular effort over 3, 6 or 12 months in your own time as an after school activity or during the lunchtime. As with the other Sections of the Award it can be a new activity or something you having been doing for some time.

Often this section is completed by participants playing in teams after school or with local clubs but it could form part of a Unit activity. Popular choices are:

Badminton, canoeing, cricket, cycling, dance, fencing, fitness activities at a gym, football, golf, hockey, martial arts, netball, rock climbing, rugby, running, sailing, skating, swimming, tennis, volleyball, windsurfing.

In general these are activities with a governing body so, for instance, billiards/snooker, karting, umpiring and refereeing are Skills and not Physical.

You can see the range of activities for this Section and download the planner which shows the time needed to be spent on this Section for each of the Awards..

After making a choice the DofE leader needs to identify a suitable instructor/assessor who will be able to provide guidance and agree objectives with the participant.

For the Gold Award please contact the County DofE Adviser when the choice of activity has been made.