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Hello All,

Welcome to the Website of Nottinghamshire Network. here you will find information about what is happening with Network Over Nottinghamshire as well photos of past events, information on where Networks Groups are located, Awards that can be earned in Network, plus any events for Network that may be of interest in other counties too. If you have any suggestions about what information you would like to see here, please feel free to contact me.

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ACC NETWORK - Nottinghamshire Scouts


Network changes


I woukld like to welcome Em and Chris to the County Team. Em as been appointed as Network Leader for the New NOMADS (mansfield) Network. I am sure you will prove to be a valued asset to the team and all the best in  running what i am sure will be a great new addtion to the Network Family in Nottinghamshire.

I also have the follwoing positions avialalbe on the county team should anyone be interested:

County Scout Network Leader

Network Chairperson

Network Secretary


If you want to know more about these roles, please contact Justin.


Network Goes MAD

County Mad that is!!! several Network members have  once again rose to the task of helping run the March Activity Day up at Walseby Forest. with over 400  Scouts, Explorers, Guides and Rangers this event is alway a popular one. Network members were involved in running bases, doing the first Aid support, planning the day as part of the commitee and offering general support. Detials of the day along with results and photos can be found at www.countymad.co.uk.


Dragon Boat Racing


I have been tasked for next year to set up an event for Scout Network members across the East Midlands and have decided to hold a Dragon Boat Race event. Talks are currently underway with Notts Annoconda Dragon Boast Race Team. There has been interst show by over counties too. As soon as I have more information i will let you all know.

if you have any other ideas for Network events please ocntact Justin.




The events page on the site has now been update with the list of County Network event happening through 2011 including the planned County Network meetings. If there is an event that you want to open to  the rest of the county or if there is something you would like the County Team to organise, please contact Justin with details.



To prove we are in touch with the modern world we have our own Facebook group. here you will find information on past and future activities. There may also be the odd picture on their too for you to laugh at. To go straight to our Facebook page, please click Here.