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What is Scout Network all about?

The Scout Network is the section for scouts aged 18 - 25.

The Scout Network was originally launched in 2001 as part of a major re-organization of the scout movement. This re-organization resulted with the national closure of Venture Scouts. Scout Network was one of the two new sections replacing Venture Scouts, the other new section is Explorer Scouts which caters for those aged 14 - 18.
All members of The Scout Association between 18 and 25 years are members of the Scout Network. As a member of the Scout Network you could be:

a member of a local Network
a Leader with another Section
a Helper of Skills Instructor
a member of the Scout Fellowship
a member in another capacity

The Scout Network is mainly run at county level, but that doesn’t mean there has to be one whole network for that county. You can have Local Networks, which can be based at County, District or Group; some may be focused around a specific activity or location, e.g. Gang Show, Activity Centre, climbing or canoeing.

Network Awards:

As well as getting involved in new activities and link up with other Networks there is also the opportunity to gain a few awards in the Network Section. These are the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Queens Scout Award and the Environment, Faith and International group awards. Click on the links below for further information on each of the awards.


Duke of Edinburgh

Queens Scout




How To Become a Network Member:

For information on joining Network, Please contact County Office:
County Resource Centre Unit One
Trinity House
Robey Close
NG15 8AA

Tel: 0115 952 3617
Fax: 0115 952 3724

Or you can email the Network Commissioner at: justin.fisher@notts-scouts.org.uk


In Explorers, what happens next?

It’s a strange time for Explorers, some can’t wait to move on to Network, some find it hard. So here are a few common questions and answers.

Q - Why don’t all Network groups meet every week, we meet every week at explorers

A – Each Network Groups across the county meets at different intervals on different days this may be for a number of reason such as not all Network members drive, some embers have jobs and some also run another Scout section, most of the units in Nottinghamshire do tend to meet weekly though.


Q – We want to meet more regularly as a county is that ok?

A – Of course! Networks meet locally in their District or local area to enjoy a wide range of activities, However if you want to meet and arrange activities as Network members as a County that’s great, just make sure you drop a Network Leader or CSNC a line to make sure they are kept in the picture and can help communicate this out for you.


Q - I'm 18 today what should I do to become a Networker

A - Well happy birthday! Firstly get in touch with Justin advising which district you currently belong to and he can then point you in the right direction and give you further information on your local Network group along with their meeting times and venues. You can also log onto the County Website www.notts-scouts.org.uk/scoutnetwork and check out all the news and events of what’s happening in the County.


Q - How do you find out things and organise stuff if the County only meet every now and then.

A – Most information, including Event news & booking forms are passed through e-mails, Facebook and the website, but don’t worry if you’re not online, we will send out information via snail-mail if preferred. Also we have regular meeting with the Network Co-ordinators to discuss events and ideas so information will be passed to them to filter down.


 How to make the move to Network a success!


It is important that when you are nearing the Network age you start to get involved and find out about Network. The Scout Movement loses a large proportion of members when they move section to section. Here are our top 5 tips for making the move successful


Top five tips for moving to Network

1.     Log on to www.notts-scouts.org.uk/scoutnetwork and facebook to find out what's happening

2.     Get in touch with your local Network or come to the County Events

3.     Invite Network to come down to your Explorer group now to have a chat

4.     Organise a joint activity, we will happily come to your unit/camp/event

5.  Contact Justin on justin.fisher@notts-scouts.org.uk to get registered.